Cukrownia Kruszwica railway, 2001

2019-01-07 18:51:17

Various scenes on the line between Piotrkow Kuj. and Kruszwica on 9 November 2001, the penultimate sugar campaign for the railway that dated back to the 1880s:

0:00 A Lyd2 pulls away from Piotrkow in varying lighting conditions with a train loaded with beet for the factory.

1:58 The same train nearing Jerzyce - this is just west of the one-time border between the German and Russian empires, and was the terminus of the line until 1914. Note that, as the loco crosses the road, one of the crew gets out and climbs onto a wagon to apply some braking for the steep descent past the village.

5:21 The same train at Karsk. Apologies for the camera shake, but it was very windy and, this being the first year I had shot video, I had not yet acquired a tripod - I've had to cut out quite a lot at the beginning of this shot.

6:53 Back at the sugar factory gates, a WLs150 brings in a train consisting of the track gang's works train and a number of empty wagons. By this time, only the large bogie wagons were used for carrying beet, with the older four-wheel and small bogie wagons being used for taking beet pulp out to the various sidings for unloading. The 'coach' in this train had been on the Kruszwica line since about 1989, having previously been PKP railcar MBd1-138, a 1970 Lisewo rebuild of MBxd1-157 which had been rebuilt in the 1950s, probably at Opole and probably from a coach.

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